Bamix Deluxe Hand Blender & Food Processor


Brilliantly simple. Simply brilliant.

The bamix® promise provides a lifetime guarantee for the bamix® motor. 100% Made in Switzerland underlines the outstanding quality as well as years of durability. bamix® lives and promotes the idea of sustainability.
  • 180W heavy duty AC motor
  • Twin switch. 2 speed settings (depending on the wattage):Setting 1: 10,000 rpm, Setting 2: 16,000 rpm
  • 2 speed settings

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Designed for modern kitchens and versatile cuisines, with this multi-purpose Bamix you can do more than just hand blending, without the need for additional appliances. With ergonomically optimised design, it doesn’t slip from your hand and can be controlled with a single finger.


Multi-purpose blade
For mincing, pureeing, straining and stirring stodgy and heavy food.

For whipped cream, whipped egg-white and frappes.

Ideal for preparing salad dressings and mayonnaise, as well as mixing light doughs and mashing potatoes.

Mill cereals and chop herbs, spices and cheese, as well as grinding coffee and sugar.

Meat mincer blade
For cutting, mincing and pureeing both raw and cooked meat, as well as fish and long-fibre vegetables.

Two speed settings
Enables you to adjust motor speed depending on the task in hand.

Double insulated
With a double insulated and fully sealed housing unit, it allows for deep immersion into both hot and cold liquids.

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions40 × 35 × 35 cm
ConditionNew other
NotesNew open box display model


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